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Tips for optimizing fuel efficiency in commercial fleets

When running a business where commercial fleets play a central role, fuel costs are more than just numbers; they are an essential part of your company’s operations, directly impacting your pricing and profitability. Besides providing you with bulk fuel delivery services that also play an important role in saving you time and money, Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd shares valuable tips for actions you can take to optimize your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Visualization of the fuel quantity sensor in the commercial fleet

Regular Maintenance


You would be surprised to know how keeping your vehicles in good condition can dramatically change your fleet’s fuel expenses. Regular maintenance is the foundation of fuel efficiency. Setting a strict maintenance schedule that includes regular engine and lubricant checks, tire pressure adjustments, and oil changes can prevent bigger problems before they arise and keep your fleet working in its best possible performance. At Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd, we also offer truck services and repairs to ensure your commercial fleet runs smoothly and optimally.


Driver Training


Whether your fleet runs on gasoline or diesel, the human factor also plays an important role in fuel costs. You might have already noticed that the way you drive can severely impact fuel’s economy. The same goes for the drivers who are behind the wheels of your company’s vehicles. Efficient driving techniques can help your drivers get the most out of your fleet’s efficiency. This includes smooth acceleration and braking, maintaining steady speeds and avoiding idling when possible.


Load Management


Another factor that also influences the fuel consumption of your company’s fleet is load management. Overloading a vehicle will drastically increase fuel consumption, resulting in a less profitable operation. Moreover, operating with overloaded vehicles can be not only dangerous to other people on the road but also increase the vehicle’s wear, which will ultimately result in more money being spent in the long run. Evidently, you also want to avoid having underloaded vehicles going for unnecessary trips. For that reason, it is essential to have regular monitoring and strategic planning in load distribution to guarantee your fleet will have efficient fuel consumption in every journey.


Review and Adjust Your Fleet’s Operations


Sometimes, the best way of ensuring you are having optimal fuel consumption with your fleet is to reassure that your business operations are being carried out efficiently. For instance, analyzing alternative routes or even combining different delivery schedules can significantly affect fuel expenses at the end of the month. Reevaluating your operations’ logistics can significantly contribute to your commercial fleet’s fuel reduction.


Trying to Save on Fuel for Your Commercial Fleet in Edmonton?


Own a business in Edmonton? Trying to reduce fuel costs for your commercial fleet? Bassett Petroleum Distributors provides bulk fuel delivery directly to your company, making it easier and cheaper to deal with your commercial fleet’s operations. If you live in Edmonton, High Level, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Sturgeon County, Fort St John or NWT and are looking for bulk fuel delivery services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!



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