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Exclusive Gasoline and Diesel Supply in Western Canada

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd has secured an exclusive supply contract throughout Western Canada for gasoline and diesel products. The benefit of being exclusive with one fuel supplier is the guarantee of supply. Our supply is secure, so you will never run out of gasoline or diesel when an allocation situation arises. Book your gasoline and fuel delivery today and send us a request for a quote. From emergency delivery service to 24-hour emergency response hotline, we prioritize every call and request we receive. 

Delivery Methods




Gasoline Product Line

Regular unleaded clear

Regular unleaded dyes

Premium unleaded

Diesel Product Line

Ultra-low sulphur clear

Ultra-low sulphur dyed

Light ultra-low sulphur dyed (CP-43)

Home heating oil kerosene

Light ultra-low sulphur (CP-43)

Diesel for generator

petroleum truck plying on frozen road

Secure & Prompt Fuel Delivery

Got gasoline and diesel requirements? Our fleet will deliver your fuel to you promptly!

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