Fuel Tanks Rentals and Sales in and Around Edmonton and Fort McMurray

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd offers fuel tank rentals and purchase programs in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. From 500 litre to 70,000-litre tanks, we work with trusted vendors to provide our residential and commercial customers with the correct fuel storage tank for their needs. With us, you’ll find storage tanks designed to deliver an efficient and safe way to store fuel. If you turn to Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd to buy or rent fuel storage tanks, you also benefit from great customer service and on-time delivery. Please contact a location near you to ask more about our fuel tank rental programs in and around Edmonton and Fort McMurray.

We are the premium supplier of high-quality, reliable, and safe diesel fuel tanks in Edmonton. In case you have been looking for fuel tank rentals in Edmonton for your diesel generator, we can provide you with energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions. We have been supplying tanks in various shapes and sizes that the market has demanded for 25 years. You can choose from the varying capacities of fuel tanks as per your needs. Our experts can advise you on the ideal solutions to suit your requirements. 

Reliable Equipment in Different Sizes

Whether you want to own fuel tanks or need a flexible rental tank solution in Edmonton, give Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd  a call. We can supply you with single and double-walled fuel storage tanks and every size of fuel tank you could need. Our team can meet your short term and long term storage tank requirements.

On-demand Fuel Tank Rental Solutions

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd is one of the leading providers of fuel and fluid storage solutions in and around the city.  Our on-demand rental service packages are customized to match the needs of our customers. If you cannot afford to purchase fuel tank, you can contact us for our rental services.

  • Personalized Solution: Our specialists provide you with proper guidance according to your needs and help you in finding the right equipment for the job without purchasing it.
  • Save Time and Capital: You can focus on your business and grow your revenue without taking any stress about your fuel storage solutions. All your tension is on our experts.
  • In Stock: Our equipment and rapid response solutions are always in stock, ready to ship on your demand.

If you are planning to rent our services and want to get more information, then connect now for assistance. 

Helping You Out With Our Expertise

We have been in the petroleum distribution business in and around Edmonton for about 30 years now. Thus, we understand our customers' fuel requirements in Edmonton and know what solutions will be best for them. We are fully aware, and we fully understand your needs regarding petroleum and fuel tanks for storing it, irrespective of whether you are an individual customer or a small business. 


Our team aims to keep you satisfied and keep your fuel needs fulfilled at every point.


We are also committed to doing our bit for the environment and thus, provide you with several eco-friendly options. The entire team at Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd aims to continually improve our products and services, such as our fuel tanks, petroleum, dispensing equipment, etc., to add more excellent value to your lives in Edmonton.

Fuel Storage Tanks That Stand For Quality

Want reliable and good quality fuel storage tanks in Edmonton?

A Solution for Every Problem


We can provide you with a wide variety of equipment for all your special and unique petroleum requirements.

Fuel and Fuel Storage - A One Stop Shop

Get good quality fuel to accompany your fuel storage tank for a flawless experience.

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Over the years of serving clients across Edmonton and around Alberta, we have acquired substantial experience in helping businesses through our prompt and responsive services. Our wide customer base across Edmonton is a resounding testimony to our services. If you, too, want to be a part of our growing family of happy clients, reach out to us for fuel tank rentals and other petroleum needs in Edmonton.

Dependable Fuel Tank Rentals Across Edmonton

We can provide you with hard-wearing and resistant fuel tanks across Edmonton to meet all kinds of fuel storage requirements.