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High-Performance Jet Fuel in Edmonton

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd is partnered with the largest supplier of aviation fuels in Western Canada. The aviation industry relies on access to quality fuels and lubricants. And we at Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd are committed to driving your business forward. Our state-of-the-art aviation drumming facility sets us above the rest. We supply a wide range of aviation lubricants and jet fuel in Edmonton and deliver them safely and timely to our customers. Our team listens to your needs carefully to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Do you need to place an order? Talk to our technical team today about your air fuelling needs in Western Canada, and we will be happy to assist you.

Delivery Methods

At Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd, we understand the need for quick and safe fuel delivery in the aviation industry. Even a slight delay or issue may hamper the business processes and add to unwanted expenses. That's why our team is well-trained and equipped to deliver high-quality jet fuel in Edmonton using multiple methods, including:


  • Metered

  • B-train

  • Airport refuelling

  • Drumming

Product Line

When you choose us as your jet fuel supplier in Edmonton, you can always get high-performance and reliable products. Our product line includes a variety of fuels, like:


  • AVGAS: Aviation gasoline, also known as AVGAS, is a leaded fuel used to power small piston-engine aircraft usually operated by private pilots or flight training personnel.

  • Jet A1 FSII: The Jet A1 is used to fuel turbine aircraft engines. The addition of FSII or fuel system icing inhibitor ensures that there is no ice formation in the fuel lines.

  • Jet A1 Base: One of the most widely used fuels, this kerosene-based colourless product is used with turbine-engined aircraft.


We have curated a regularly updated blog to provide engaging information on fuel storage, transportation, and other industry aspects. For more details, please feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Get in Touch with Us

Apart from jet fuels, we also offer gasoline and diesel, along with aviation lubricants. So, no matter what you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to offering our products and services to you.

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Aircraft Fuel Available!

We offer jet fuel and other aviation products and services in Edmonton.

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