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The Advantages of Bulk Fuel Delivery for Your Business

Fuel truck with two tanks

Did you know Canada used over 73 billion litres of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels last year? If you rely on a steady fuel supply for your business, utilizing a bulk fuel delivery service could be very helpful. Sourcing fuel is time-consuming and sometimes presents challenges that can be a waste of your resources. For a rundown of some of the advantages of a fuel delivery service, keep reading.

Streamlined Operations

One of the main benefits of fuel delivery is productivity. You can establish a plan with a fuel delivery company to meet your needs, ensuring you always have enough fuel to keep operating continuously. Running a business involves various tasks, so having a fuel delivery company bring any fuel you need directly to you makes operating your business that much easier.

Simple Account Management

Fuel delivery for a business means that all fueling needs are handled by one external company. We can create a delivery plan that can be adjusted as needed, and everything will be recorded. This makes account management much easier than it would be if your fuel was coming from various sources at different times.

You won't have to worry about tracking down various suppliers with changing rates, giving you more time to focus on more important aspects of your business.


Refuelling your vehicles will take workers some time, but it will be much quicker if the fuel is already on site. Going out to fuel stations takes a while at the best of times, but on some occasions, you could encounter bigger problems.

If there are fuel shortages, you might struggle to find any. With a scheduled fuel delivery service, you can have better peace of mind knowing that the fuel you need will always be ready and waiting.


For some people, the main benefit of a fuel delivery service is convenience. Some companies rely heavily on fuel to operate, so maintaining a steady supply is necessary. If you have the space, you can use a fuel tank to store plenty of fuel on-site

Also, heavy equipment can sometimes need refuelling every few hours, so to keep transporting fuel yourself will add to the list of things you need to do. If all the fuel you need is delivered to your worksite, it will massively reduce downtime, allowing you to keep things running and generating profits.

Bassett Petroleum offers bulk fuel and lubricant delivery, so you can decide on the plan you want, and we'll take care of the rest. If you want to change your delivery plan, just let us know.


Some people think using a bulk fueling company will cost more than handling it yourself, but the opposite is often true. As fuel prices continue to be volatile, bulk purchasing fuel saves money and time because you can purchase the exact amount of fuel you’ll need at a specific price. Especially during a market fluctuation, a contract with a ‘guarantee’ supply can help lock in a specific price per load. This could save you time from shopping around for quotes for fuel prices.

Reliable Bulk Fuel Delivery

A bulk fuel delivery service such as Bassett Petroleum can help your business in various ways. We can help improve your productivity and efficiency and save you money. Give us a call for a free quote today. We deliver to Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories.


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