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Reliable Suppliers of Lubricants in Edmonton

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd is very proud to have entered into a partnership with Total Canada Inc. as an authorized distributor of Total Lubricants. Total Canada Inc. is known for its top-quality when it comes to lubricants for heavy-duty, industrial and aftermarket sections, which covers nearly 4000 international standards. With this partnership, we endeavour to make sure that you optimize your machine’s performance for success and growth. Combined with Total Lubricants, our aim at Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd is to be able to offer dispensing and storage solutions to meet your need for lubricants in Edmonton. Please contact us for further information.

How Important Are Lubricants?

In order to know how important engine oil is for your machine or vehicle, it is necessary to understand the use of a lubricant. A lubricant is a substance that helps in the reduction of friction, heat, and wear when introduced as a film between the solid surfaces of a machine or vehicle. The main purpose of a motor oil is to reduce friction and to contribute to the better and more efficient functioning of a mechanism. This property of reducing friction by the use of lubricants is known lubricity. The following main benefits of involving a lubricant in the functioning of your industry can be derived from its uses:

  • Use of the correct lubricant maximizes the life of your bearings and machinery.

  • By reducing the friction between the moving parts and the stationary parts of a machine, the correct lubricant will reduce wear and tear to the machinery.

  • Regular lubrication will also help in the reduction of the operating temperature of the machine, thus, optimizing its efficiency.

  • The use of a lubricant ensures that contaminants are kept out of the system by sealing and protecting the various components of the machine.

If you want top-notch lubricants in Edmonton for your machines, get in touch with us to get a quote.

Our Products Range

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd, in partnership with Total Canada Inc., offers the entire line of Total Lubricants. The majority of the products that will be distributed will fall under the industrial line of truck lubricants with ties to a comprehensive range of industrial sectors such as energy, light-duty, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, metallurgy and food processing.

We offer the following lubricants in Edmonton from Total Canada Inc.:

  • Grease

  • Turbine oils

  • Hydraulic and transmission oils

  • Engine oils

  • PCMO minerals

  • PCMO synthetic

  • HDMO mineral

  • HDMO semi-synthetic

  • HDMO synthetic

  • 2-cycle

  • Automatic transmission fluid

  • Compressor oils

  • Gear oils

  • Heat transfer fluid

  • Food grade lubricants

To know more about this partnership or any of our other products at Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd, contact us now.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to your operations, you should only turn to someone you can trust. At Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd, we have been the top choice for individuals and industries for many years. There are countless reasons to choose our products, such as:

  • Variety: A large inventory consists of a diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of a range of operations, such as metallurgy, vehicles, and more.

  • Quality: We ensure adherence to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Experience: We have been in business since 1989, which has given us an understanding of the demands of the area's individuals and industries.

  • 100% customer satisfaction: For us, your satisfaction is important. We take careful measures to make sure your needs are met.

  • Excellent customer service: We try our hardest to provide you with a hassle-free experience when buying from us.

If you want top-notch lubricants in Edmonton for your machines, get in touch with us to get a quote.

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