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The Importance of Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance

A person is repairing the truck

Did you know that operating a commercial semi- truck can cost up to $180,000 annually?


Heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and vans are convenient and cost-effective vehicles for transporting large volumes of goods over a long distance. Unfortunately, if you don't maintain your heavy-duty trucks, repair costs can overwhelm you and your bank account. Read below for information on the importance of heavy-duty truck maintenance and the essential steps to maintaining your truck.


Why Is Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance Important?

Maintenance is a preventative measure to ensure your heavy-duty truck don't break down or result in more costly issues in the future. Problems usually start with a small, recognizable issue that's easy and cheap to fix. However, if you don't maintain your fleet, the issues will become more severe and costly until they are unavoidable. 


Here are other important reasons to schedule routine maintenance:


Driver Safety

You provide safety for your drivers. If your drivers become injured due to your negligence, the situation can turn messy legally and financially. Performing heavy-duty truck maintenance shows that you've taken steps to provide a safe environment for your drivers.


Government Regulations

There are regulations set by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and additional local offices. Don't be fined by the government for avoidable problems.


Vehicle Longevity

Replacing heavy-duty trucks isn't cheap. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid premature failure. Solving small problems will prevent your truck from breaking down early to get the most out of your investment.


The Maintenance Checklist

While you can't guarantee your heavy-duty truck is always in perfect condition, you can perform basic maintenance to keep your truck healthy and avoid the most common problems. Here’s a list of what to do:

Change oil and filters

Rotate tires

Replace brake pads

Check fluid levels

Reference the truck’s manual to determine how often you need to service your truck. In addition to the maintenance checklist, the best way to maintain your fleet is to consult with a professional mechanic.


Local Mechanic Shop For Heavy-Duty Trucks

As you can see, heavy-duty truck maintenance is an essential aspect of owning a truck. Without it, you're putting your drivers in danger, jeopardizing transportation delivery, and risking costly heavy truck repairs.


If you need heavy-duty truck repair service in Alberta or Northwest Territories, contact Bassett Petroleum today! Our team will ensure your truck will be repaired quickly.



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