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When is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

heating oil tank

Almost everyone has been through it; that cold weather begins to creep in through the windows, yet when you turn the heat on, nothing happens. You quickly dash to the phone to put in an order for home heating oil, and the price you'll be paying makes you frown in discontent. For those who heat their homes with heating oil, this is a frequent problem. 

Home heating oil can be a tricky way of heating your house. Those prices tend to skyrocket during the winter months. You may find yourself wondering when the best time to purchase oil is. 

If you own a home that uses heating oil, it may benefit you best to stock up sometime during the summer. Here are some facts about home heating oil and why those prices tend to escalate when you need them most.


Why Do Oil Prices Fluctuate?

There are many reasons as to why your home heating oil fluctuates. One of those reasons is that many other homes also feel the demand for oil during the winter months. Every home that heats with oil is also vying to refuel their tanks and keep their house heated. 

In the winter months, crude oil prices see a massive increase as many homeowners are looking to buy. October through March are the most difficult months to purchase oil. You will see a significant increase in your bill when you call for a refill during this time. 


When Is the Best Time to Save Money?

The summer months continue to be the best time to fill your oil tank. The cost of heating oil is lower due to lower demand.

You save a significant amount during the non-busy season. This will help you not feel the pinch in your pocket when you turn the thermostat up during the winter months. 

Make yourself a reminder to buy that heating oil during the summer months! Do so before October, when the prices begin to climb up. 


Healthy Option for Your Home

Fueling during the summer is the healthiest option for your home. Keeping that tank full prevents the buildup of grime that could threaten the health of your oil tank. Your oil heater should never be left entirely empty. This gives it the best chance of working correctly when you turn it on for the winter. 

To avoid further costs out of pocket for the winter, always remember to fill your tank during the off-season months. 


Save on Your Heating Oil Costs

Unpredictable heating oil prices can seem to be a detriment to the average family budget. As those prices skyrocket during the winter months, you end up paying more than you might expect. 

Avoid those hefty prices right as winter begins. Always fill your oil tank during the summer, and know that your home is ready to be warm once those winter months begin to take hold. You'll be happy when you turn on the thermostat, and the whole house warms up instead of freezing while you wait for the oil to deliver.

Contact us at Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd to get that tank filled today! You won't regret your decision this winter. 




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