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Is It Time for a CVIP Inspection?

Commercial vehicles are the lifeline that keeps the Canadian economy strong. They deliver food, medical supplies, fuel, and much more to businesses in Edmonton. There are nearly 1.4 million commercial vehicles on the road today in Canada.

Given the size of commercial vehicles, safety is a key concern for operators and businesses alike. Safety is the mission of the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) in Canada.

Regarding CVIP inspections, Edmonton has options to get your vehicle qualified. Read on to learn all about the CVIP inspection process. Explore topics such as scheduling a CVIP inspection and preparing for CVIP inspections.

What Is the CVIP Inspection Checklist?

It is not wise to walk into a CVIP inspection without any preparation. The best thing you can do is run through a checklist of inspection items.

By doing so, you increase the likelihood of your vehicle passing inspection. You preemptively identify causes for concern and repair them before the inspection.

The inspection agency will carefully examine nearly a dozen vehicle systems. They cover everything from the powertrain to the vehicle’s suspension.

Of course, tires and brakes are also carefully inspected. Many other items, including the vehicle’s chassis and electrical system, are also looked at.

When Are CVIP Inspections Scheduled?

After you are confident that the vehicle is ready for inspection, it is time to get on the calendar. Canadian provincial governments have made getting a commercial vehicle inspected fairly simple.

All you need to do is find a local repair shop authorized to perform CVIPs. The shop needs an up-to-date license from the government. Make sure to verify this before scheduling an appointment and paying any associated CVIP inspection costs.

The next step is even easier to accomplish. Contact this local repair shop and make an appointment to get your commercial vehicle inspected.

You will drop off the vehicle while this comprehensive inspection is performed. Because so many systems are inspected in the vehicle, it likely takes too long to wait for the inspection to complete.

When Is Inspection Required?

There are different inspection intervals for each type of commercial vehicle. The best way to verify your vehicle’s inspection requirement is by checking with the repair center or government agency.

After an inspection, the repair shop puts a sticker on your windshield. This informs you when to return for the next inspection. You also receive a printed report that says when the next inspection is.

Most commercial vehicles require an inspection once per year. Some vehicles need two inspections per year. The added requirement is typically imposed on commercial vehicles that carry passengers.

Your Guide to CVIP Inspections Edmonton Offers

You are now prepared to get your commercial vehicle inspected. You likely need to get this inspection completed once or twice per year.

Start by finding a licensed local repair shop to inspect it. Then, schedule an appointment and prepare your vehicle for the inspection. It is necessary to resolve any major issues before taking it in.

If you are looking for CVIP inspections Edmonton repair shops offer, Bassett Petroleum Distributors can help you today.


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