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Fuel Delivery in Edmonton: Learn More About Renewable Fuels

Canada is such a bountiful country filled with diverse resources and untapped potential. We haven't even scratched the surface of what's possible with renewable energy in Canada.

By the end of 2021, we were already producing approximately 14,304 MW of installed wind energy capacity and 2,399 MW of major solar energy capacity. And that's just the beginning.

Are you interested in going green and reducing your carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy in your business? Well, consider fuel delivery in Edmonton that's renewable and green to start on this journey. Keep reading to learn more.

Renewable Energy Usage in Edmonton

You might have read in the news that the City of Edmonton has signed a 20-year contract for renewable energy which will provide energy for the city using solar and wind power. 80% is wind generated, and 20% is solar generated.

So efforts are underway throughout Edmonton to use renewable fuels in more ways.

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

There are so many reasons why Canadian businesses need to stop their reliance on fossil fuels. The main reason is that fossil fuels are running out fast.

Even if we find new sources of petroleum in the oil sands, even they will run out soon enough. Also, petroleum refining is quite a 'dirty' process, resulting in massive destruction to the environment and the health of everyone nearby and involved.

Finally, if it is possible to move towards renewable fuels, it should be done sooner rather than later. Burning fossil fuels is why global warming and its dire warnings are ringing so loud in everyone's head nowadays.

Fuel Delivery in Edmonton - Hire Us Today

Bassett Petroleum is a family-owned Aboriginal business based in Northwest Territories. We would love to help you with fuel delivery in Edmonton, especially if you consider moving towards more renewable energy.

Don't let delayed fuel delivery force your operations to come to a halt. You can rely upon our fuel delivery services, no matter what kind of fuel you are searching for. Get a quote for fuel delivery from Bassett Petroleum.


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