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6 Tips to Take Care of a Propane Tank

Propane truck on a road.

Propane tanks are an efficient way to power your home. But when your propane tank isn’t properly cared for, there’s a problem.

Propane is a versatile source of energy. There’s hardly a limit when it comes to the appliances that use propane. Knowing how to maintain your propane tank and the appliances it supplies is key.

Without proper maintenance, you can’t ensure the safety of your home. Here we’ll cover six propane tank maintenance tips focused on care



1. Regular Maintenance

Even the best do-it-yourselfer needs to schedule professional maintenance for a propane tank.

This will keep your tank in tip-top condition by checking up on the function and reliability of the propane. Without this type of maintenance, you’ll run into issues that put your money and safety into question.


2. Keep a Clean Propane Tank

Like anything else in your home, one of the best propane tank maintenance tips is to keep it clean.

Especially grills or other cooking appliances, the dirtier they are the less effective and dangerous they become. Make sure you’re spending time to avoid spending more down the road.


3. Ventilation and Flow

Propane is dangerous under limited ventilation. There has to be a strong and reliable flow of air to prevent a buildup of propane gas in case there’s a leak. Propane is heavier than air, a lot like oil and water. Because of this, propane can spread across a wide space without you even knowing it.


4. Cold Weather Precautions

Propane usage in cold weather is a lot different than warm weather. When winter rolls around, cold temperatures can actually reduce the pressure of propane in the tank and cause it to evaporate. This is why investing in a heater blanket to maintain heat or using a heated gas delivery system is important.


5. Fixed on Level Ground

Propane tanks that aren’t level will, of course, tip over. So before aimlessly throwing your tank wherever it may land, make sure you’re on flat ground. Avoid uneven spots, poorly conditioned concrete, or wood that is rotting. The longer a propane tank sits on a certain area the more concern you might have with level ground.


6. Solving a Leak Situation

Although you probably won’t encounter one, you should know how to handle a propane leak.

Propane has a very distinct smell, a lot like rotten eggs. If there’s any detection of a leak in your home, make sure you follow these steps:


Avoid electrical switches and appliances

No open flames

Remove yourself from the leak area

Avoid lower level rooms

Call a professional


If you follow these steps you not only ensure your safety but your home’s safety as well.


Excellent Care and Commitment

It’s a simple step-by-step process when it comes to caring for your propane tank. If you follow these six steps of proper propane tank maintenance you may never have a problem. However, if you’re in need of the best propane tank maintenance around, trust Bassett Petroleum Distributors.


In our 28th year, we have continued to provide the Northwest Territories with excellent care and commitment. A full staff of quality employees is focused on you


Give Bassett Petroleum a call today. Make sure you’re getting the best from your propane tank and other services.




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