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Lubricant Dispensing Equipment in Edmonton

Like bearings, gears, or valves, lubricants are also a significant working component of a mechanical system. Just as one would not install a dirty or damaged bearing on a piece of equipment using the wrong tools, damaged lubricants should not be added to a machine. Proper in-plant storage and handling is the primary step to proactive maintenance of your lubricants and your equipment. At Bassett Petroleum Distributors, we rent, install, and service storage tanks and lubricant dispensing equipment in Edmonton. 

Bassett Petroleum is an authorized distributor for Western Global for dispensing and storage solutions. Our in-house highly-trained and professional team is competent in evaluating individual lubrication equipment requirements and can give consultation on new builds, retrofits, and replacement equipment.

Solutions We Offer

With the ever-increasing price of lubricants, having the proper lubricant dispensing equipment system for your work is more critical than ever before. We offer a wide range of lubricant equipment designed with garage, workshops, and engineers in mind, which include everything from air-operated pumps to hose reels to nozzles and meters. Bulk liquid storage and handling solutions are available for any application that needs reliable, clean, safe, and efficient fluid control.

Our Advantage

Everyday maintenance personnel in plants across Edmonton fill or top off systems with new lubricants. The intention is to positively impact the life and performance of the equipment. However, unknowingly they often add mixed, chemically-depleted lubricants containing particulate, chemical and moisture contamination. Poor in-plant storage often lies at the root of these occurrences, making lubricant dispensing equipment extremely important. Bassett Petroleum is the solution for storage lubricant dispensing equipment in Edmonton. We offer:

  • High precision

  • Reproducibility and process stability

  • Customization

  • Robust product quality

  • Friendly service

Bassett Petroleum Distributors deliver the equipment right at the location, install it, and then present you and your employees with accurate information on the appropriate way to use the equipment.

Reach Out to Us

Proper lubrication is not only about the right amount at the right time at the right place, it is also about keeping lubricants clean, cool, and properly identified. Bassett Petroleum is the answer for customers who are used to high-quality standards in a reasonable price range. Please, call our sales staff for quotes and product information.

Looking for Reliable Lubricant Equipment?

We provide end to end solutions for your lubricant dispensing and storage needs.

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