Bassett Petroleum Distributors is very proud to have entered into a partnership with Total Canada Inc. as their Master Distributor of Total lubricants. Combined with Total Lubricants Bassett Petroleum is able to offer dispensing and storage solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Bassett Petroleum Distributors offer the entire Total lubricant line. The majority of the products that will be distributed fall under the industrial line of lubricants with ties to several sectors such as energy, light-duty, heavy duty and off-road vehicles, metallurgy and food processing.





Turbine Oils


Hydraulic and Transmission Oils


Engine Oils

PCMO Mineral

PCMO Synthetic

HDMO Mineral

HDMO Semi-Synthetic

HDMO Synthetic



Automatic Transmission Fluid


Compressor Oils


Gear Oils


Heat Transfer Fluid


Food Grade Lubricants